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There is a lot of talk about Feminist Underwear.

What is Feminist Underwear, it is underwear that makes you feel good.

That means it fits correctly and gives you the best shape, and most of all is comfortable.

That is Feminist Underwear.


INTRODUCING  The New Silver Z Bra for the best support after all breast surgery.

Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction or Breast Explant (implant removal)

We have sold the Evolution Z Bra for the past 5 years and it has proved, not only with patients but with Surgeons, to be the best bra on the market for use after any breast surgery, including reconstruction after mastectomy. Augmentation and reduction as well as explant (implant removal)

Now Z Medical have listened to their customers and more surgeons to redesign the Z Bra and have produced the Z Bra Silver, with many new innovations to improve the support and comfort of your Post Op Bra.

 Breast surgery is a medical procedure with a recovery period that takes weeks. During this time, depending on the type of surgery, the breasts will be sore, swollen, and extremely sensitive. Wearing a normal underwired bra is next to impossible, due to the amount of pain and lack of proper support. Therefore, buying a post-surgery bra is a must for anyone undergoing a breast reduction, augmentation, or mastectomy. These recovery bras look like sports bras, and feature extra support as well as front fastening . They need to be worn all day and night during the recovery process to ensure that the breasts are fully supported. Therefore, when buying a post-surgery bra, selecting the proper combination of comfort, fit, and style are all crucial decisions.


 Vintage Underwear



Granny Chic, the modern version of Our Grandmothers girdle, now called Nanna Chic. Traditional vintage copy foundationwear, for real control and vintage look,

using modern fabrics and production techniques.


Shapewear returned to our wardrobes with the invention of Magic Knickers, The modern twist on our gandmothers Girdle.

Magic knickers hit the fashion scean ten years ago when Trinny and Susanna introduced to them to smooth out your lumps and bumps.


 Choose the best shape wear for you using our unique system which gives you a clear idea exactly how much control each garment will give

 where you see this the garment will give you the very firmest control and support.

Extra firm control underwear



Firm control gives good shape to your existing size, and a smooth look

Firm control underw



Light control means good control and support without constriction, meaning comfortable support and smoothness


Best support and control underwear and shapewear. UnderTheTop gives the best personal advice guaranteeing the most supportive and shape wear,

underwear and bras. Just call Louise on 0333 200 0041 or


These garments will be completely invisible under any clothes giving a really smooth line.


for advise call Louise on 0333 200 0041  or e mail