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The Best Ever Post Operative Bra


Surgeons agree that wearing a post-operative bra, after any type of breast surgery is necessary; not only to aid fast and safe recovery, but make you feel protected against the world.

After cosmetic or reconstructive procedures a good supportive front fastening bra is an essential.

Whatever the breast surgery, breast enhancement, breast reduction, breast lift or breast explant (implant removal), and good fitting supportive post op bra is a necessity.

A front fastening bra with a zip makes the first few weeks after your breast operation easier, allowing you to put your post op bra on much easier.

Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to adjust the straps on your after operation bra to make it more comfortable as you heal after your breast operation.

 Post surgery bras are a necessity after cosmetic or reconstructive procedures

Post-surgical bras are especially designed to stabilize and protect the breasts, while your body heals and adjusts to your new size and feel. 


You will feel comfortably protected and secure, due to the concealed seams on the Z Bra, which are designed to shape and support your boobs, while ensuring the breasts are given the necessary compression and support needed for a fast recovery. 



The compression given by the Z Bra, offers the best support following breast surgery. This post-op bra helps improves blood circulation, minimizes swelling, and stabilize your boobs, ultimately enhancing the results of any breast procedure, and ensuring comfort as you resume daily activities.


It’s important to have adequate support following your breast augmentation, both emotional support and breast support. The type of support you provide your breasts during your recovery can affect the quality of your results, choosing the right bra for your new breasts can help enhance your results. 

Post surgery bras are an important step in the healing process. The chest area is stabilized and kept free from infection. Scarring and swelling are reduced with compression, while delicate drain tubes must be accommodated. This makes design, sizing, and fabric choices challenging, especially when the predominantly male plastic surgeon population has little knowledge of intimate apparel.


Medical Z Bra designed specifically for use post breast operation, Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction or Breast Explant (implant removal) . It has adjustable straps and a front  zip which is sealed with an hook and eye. Available in a large range of sizes the Medical Z Bra.


Have you felt a bit hot, sweaty and possibly chafing this summer?

Sick of awkward sweating and chafing in the hot summer months?   Wouldn’t it be nice if your underwear could adapt perfectly to your body’s temperature, keeping you warm in winter, cool and dry in summer?



Sounds like the perfect solution right?  But it’s not just wishful thinking anymore – now it’s actually possible… with Chaffree…


 Everything is Retro, from cupcakes to bright red lipstick (Marilyn Monroe), so we have introduced a Retro section bringing you underwear, jewellery, handbags and Nick Knacks with a fantastic Retro feel.

As well as our great range of Retro and Vintage underwear we are pleased to introduce a Retro and Bo Ho range of jewellery, and to add style with our retro lace thigh bands which can be worn under a Skirt or Shorts for a really Bohemian Bo Ho look, and prevent any leg chaffing in the hot weather.


 The latest buzz word in underwear is the Bodysuit, Bodysuits are making a come back. The great favourite of the sixties and seventies, retro is chic so is the Bodysuit

  Bodysuits are a wonderful way to also achieve a seamless and sexy silhouette with no risk of becoming undone. It really is the most convenient of clothing items (until you need to use the loo, make sure it opens at the crotch.


Body Shapers

"Guidelines to Buying the Right Women’s Shapewear"

Body shapers can really give you the extra boost of confidence when you want to look trim and slim in fitted clothes. They smooth out the lumps and bumps, which is a huge plus if you have a muffin top or extra weight carrying around the hips and thighs, without cutting off your blood circulation! 

Got love handles that bulge out when wearing jeans? Panty Girdles have got that covered. Gave birth just recently and need to look trimmed down in a dress? A full body shaper will give back your post-maternal figure. Want to narrow your waist to fit better in a snug top? Then a waist cincher is your new best friend! 

I can't tell you how much body shapers can really be your wardrobe's helping hand. They're just priceless when you want to look 10 pounds lighter in an instant!

Let's check out the guidelines to buying a body:


1.     It depends on your needs - if you carry some extra weight then it's natural to buy shapewear in various styles for your daily activities and other special occasions. 

2.     But I suggest that you secure 1-2 pair of panty girdles and 1 slip. These keep you covered when you need to look flawless in a dress or have a bloated stomach after a heavy lunch.

3.     Ensure Comfort:That means make sure the undergarment has a reasonable percentage of Lycra. It's a fabric that makes clothes stretch and comfortable. So look for at least 10% of Lycra.

4.     Also, if you like having the freedom to move your legs around a lot, then opt for shorts (boxer style) instead of slip. 

5.     You want to make sure to select the right style that will cover your needs. So before ordering ask yourself these questions: 

·         "What do I want it to do for me?"

·         "What part of my body figure do I want to enhance or camouflage?

Whether you need something to define your waist, complement a strapless dress or just give your body an instant "tuck" then you'll find something that will suit your needs. From plus size shapewear, waist cinchers, full body shaper, strapless body shaper to shapewear slip.  


In the meantime let us help you look smoother and sleeker, remember that lumps and bumps  make you look fatter, a smooth silhouette is much more flattering.


No sports bra should celebrate its birthday.

I have always maintained that to protect your assets buy the best sports bra you can afford, it will give you more support and make exercise more comfortable, and last wash after wash.

Even so no Sports bra should celebrate it’s Birthday, in other words your friend, your “sports bra” needs replacing regularly to keep it’s elasticity, and give your boobs the support they deserve, check it out at



Cancer Support


We are trying to do our bit to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research by contributing all profits from the sale of goods from our Cancer Support category go to Cancer Support. Why not try organising a fund raising event take a look at



Z Bra

 INTRODUCING  The New Silver Z Bra for the best support after all breast surgery.


Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction or Breast Explant (implant removal)

We have sold the Evolution Z Bra for the past 5 years and it has proved, not only with patients but with Surgeons, to be the best bra on the market for use after any breast surgery, including reconstruction after mastectomy. Augmentation and reduction as well as explant (implant removal)Now Z Medical have listened to their customers and more surgeons to redesign the Z Bra and have produced the Z Bra Silver, with many new innovations to improve the support and comfort of your Post Op Bra.



Post-surgical bras are specially designed to stabilize and protect the breasts as the body heals and adjusts to the new weight and feel.  You can feel comfortably protected and secure, due to the seamless design, while ensuring the breasts are given the necessary compression and support needed for a fast recovery.  Compression treatment following breast surgery improves blood circulation, minimizes swelling, and stabilizes implants, ultimately enhancing the results of the procedure and ensuring comfort as you resume daily activities. 

Breast surgery is a medical procedure with a recovery period that takes weeks. During this time, depending on the type of surgery, the breasts will be sore, swollen, and extremely sensitive. Wearing a normal underwired bra is next to impossible, due to the amount of pain and lack of proper support. Therefore, buying a post-surgery bra is a must for anyone undergoing a breast reduction, augmentation, or mastectomy. These recovery bras look like sports bras, and feature extra support as well as front fastening . They need to be worn all day and night during the recovery process to ensure that the breasts are fully supported. Therefore, when buying a post-surgery bra, selecting the proper combination of comfort, fit, and style are all crucial decisions.


Vintage Underwear



Our Grandmothers girdle, now called Nanna Chic. Traditional vintage copy foundation wear, for real control and vintage look, using modern fabrics and production techniques.


Shapewear returned to our wardrobes with the invention of Magic Knickers, The modern twist on our grandmother’s  Girdle.

Magic knickers hit the fashion press ten years ago when Trinny and Susanna introduced to them to smooth out your lumps and bumps.


Find the Best Control for You


 Choose the best shape wear for you using our unique system which gives you a clear idea exactly how much control each garment will give

 where you see this the garment will give you the very firmest control and support.

Extra firm control underwear

Firm control gives good shape to your existing size, and a smooth look

Firm control underw

Light control means good control and support without constriction, meaning comfortable support and smoothness

These garments will be completely invisible under any clothes giving a really smooth line.

 Best support and control underwear and shapewear. UnderTheTop gives the best personal advice guaranteeing the most supportive and shape wear,

underwear and bras.

Just call Louise on 0333 200 0041 or